Sam Upton: a 42-second guide

As an inaugural blog it makes sense to provide some background to the author whose website you’ve stumbled upon. So, deep breath…

Leicester to Newcastle to Sheffield to London.

Chemistry to petrol station to magazines to the Army to books.

Laboratory to loud office to louder office to firing range to quiet office.

House to house (x7) to flat (x5) to house.

Bitter to lager to JD to coffee.

Two Tone to Island to Rough Trade to Factory to SST to Sub Pop to 4AD to Creation and back again.

Tolkien to Bradbury to Welsh to Coupland to Easton Ellis to Friedman to Long to McCarthy to Coe to Barker to McEwan to Barnes to Hornby to Peace to Mitchell to Franzen to Eggers to…

Always: Anna, Eels, Young (Neil not Will), Mac, Fairport, Raymond, Sabbath, Saga, cheese and onion, cobs. Oh, and kids (my own).

Never: Vinegar, mayonnaise, egg white, nuts, salad, tea, rolls.


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