Join Us


Paul Ryder needs a change. His job as IT ‘handyman’ for a global broadband giant is going nowhere, his cat hates the sight of him and his home is listed as one of South London’s finest brothels.

But Paul has found a calling, a job that packs in excitement and glamour in equal measure, requiring dedication, determination and experience well beyond his 28 years. That job is private detective and Paul is the last person anyone would employ.

Paul’s route from IT salaryman to PI is guided by Nathaniel Wolf, the owner of Canis Lupus, the country’s leading car hire company. He’s also a paranoid sociopath prone to entirely unnecessary violence who needs someone to follow his daughter and Kensington socialite Eliza.

By rights Eliza should detest Paul. And within five minutes of spotting him, she does. But his ‘unique’ character, odd lifestyle and disarming sense of humour slowly wins her heart and before long she’s wearing his Genesis T-shirt and ordering Viennetta in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

JOIN US is the hilarious debut novel from Sam Upton and is full of love, laughs and what can happen when two people decide that life is more fun when they are together.

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