The power of great copy

Great copy can make the difference between grabbing someone’s attention or being ignored. Whether it’s for personal, professional or educational reasons, getting your words right is vital if you want to make yourself understood and listened to.

I can help you with any aspect of your copy, removing any errors and making it shine, ensuring your work is clear and concise, with a tone and style that’s perfectly suited to your target reader. With 15 years of publishing experience, I’m an award-winning expert in:

  • Editing and creating publications and websites.
  • Writing articles, interviews, online copy and reviews.
  • Proofreading books, articles, academic papers and dissertations.

As well as working with some of the world’s biggest brands, I also work with many individuals, helping them to polish their copy to create publications, websites and documents to be proud of.

I’ve edited, proofread and copy-edited 1,000s of articles, documents and publications, from CVs and essays to brochures and books. If you need a professional expert that can turn your project around quickly and accurately then get in touch.